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Why do I need Razer Comms?
Would you like to talk to your friends when you are gaming? Would you like to not miss out on any calls or messages when you are knee deep in the game? Don’t you hate it when you have to always be on your desktop to get messages from your friends? What if you wanted to discuss strategy together? What if you wanted to have voice calling program that is secure? What if you didn’t want to pay for all of these? That’s why we built Razer Comms, to serve those needs and more.
Are there any requirements to install Razer Comms?
A computer. A mobile phone would be nice too. Seriously though, Razer Comms requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to be installed. We encourage you to download and install the .NET Framework 4 through the Microsoft support site.
Does Razer Comms require an internet connection to function?
Yes, you need to stay connected to read and reply to messages. The good news is, your messages are synced to your account so even if you are offline on a device, once you log in you’re able to view all your messages.
How can I change the e-mail address I have associated with Razer Comms?
Unfortunately, the e-mail address associated with your Razer Comms ID cannot be changed at this time. However, you can create another Razer ID using a new e-mail address if you wanted to.
Will I require Razer products to run Comms?
No. But why would you give up on the most beautiful gaming products that exist in the market today? With software like Razer Synapse that gives you a service above and beyond basic functionality to enhance your Razer product's capabilities, your gaming experience is taken to the next level.
The multimedia controls on my keyboard doesn’t work when the Comms in-game chat overlay, why?
This issue occurs when trying to use the Function keys (e.g. FN+F2) on the keyboard while the in-game chat overlay is currently active. We are doing our best to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend deactivating the in-game chat overlay before using the multimedia controls.
Which platforms are supported by Razer Comms?
Razer Comms works on all Windows 7/8/10 powered systems. The Razer Comms Mobile works on Android and support for iOS is coming out soon.
How much will Razer Comms cost?
Razer Comms is completely free. No charges and you get cool stuff if you get your friends to join in. Join the referral program here.
What is the Tab bar?
The tab bar is the thing you see just below your nickname. It lets you navigate through 4 of our main features - the activity tab, the friends tab, the groups tab and the game scanner tab.
What is the activity tab?
The activity tab, when clicked, shows all of your chat messages which includes friends you’ve talked to, groups you’ve chatted with, notifications, requests, file transfers and much more.
What is the game scanner tab?
The game scanner tab is a magical part of the program that checks for all installed games in your computer and then automatically enables the Comms overlay whenever you launch the game.
Do you have a Mac OS version for Razer Comms?
Unfortunately, we don’t support Mac OS but if you think we should, e-mail us your feedback and we’ll get our developers have a crack at it.

Voice Chat and Audio

How do I initiate a voice call?
Just beside the names of the people in your Friend List tab you’ll see a headphone sign. Click on it and boom (sound effects not included) you’re initiating a voice call. It’s that easy.
Who will hear me?
For anyone to hear you in the call you need them to start the voice call as well. If you have enabled this option, you’ll see something like “xyz has started a voice chat”.  If you miss that, then you can see who is trying to initiate a voice call by looking at the mic icon. If it is a filled-in green mic, then the person on the other end is currently speaking.  If it is just a green mic outline next to their name, then they are in the same call as you but aren’t speaking.
Can I mute people?
Yes, you can mute yourself as well as mute others should you wish to do so.  To mute yourself after you have started a call, right-click your name on the contacts list of the chat window. You will see 2 options. Speaker Off and Mic Off. Select Mic Off to mute yourself. Alternatively, you can click the green mic icon to mute yourself or others.
Why does my audio get reduced whenever I get a message or a call?
This is caused by a Communication setting within Windows. To change this setting, go to Control Panel -> Sounds. Go to the Communications tab and set the option to ‘Do Nothing’ to prevent Windows from lowering your audio.

Friends & Groups

Where have all of my group’s channels gone? Why can’t I promote other users as admins in my group?
With the version of Razer Comms that introduced the Stream Viewer, we moved to simplified groups. This removed all sub-channels. We love the channel concept and that's why we built them in the first place but that was on an older infrastructure. In our continual efforts to make Razer Comms smoother, faster and lighter, we needed to change that infrastructure at the backend. This re-building from ground up meant that we temporarily had to remove channels. We have been working on a new design for channels. We plan to revamp the way it works and add new and cool features like custom artwork, privacy and specialized admin functions that let you discuss and plan strategies and raids together. That is expected very soon.
How do I find my friends?
Right at the bottom of the Friend List tab, you’ll see an Add Friends button. Click it and in the search bar that opens up you can invite friends through their e-mail addresses or searching their nicknames on Comms. Once they accept your invite, you two would then be friends on Comms.
What is Facebook connect?
This function allows you to link your Facebook account and find Facebook friends who are using Comms too!
What is the Friend List tab?
The Friend List tab gives you access to all your friends on Comms. It lets you search for friends, add friends, and invite friends to Comms.
What is the Group List tab?
The Group List tab lets you quickly access groups you are a part of and also create new groups.
Why can't I view Emoji characters properly on the Create Community screen?
This issue occurs when some Emoji characters are copied into the details for Name and Community Description. We are doing our best to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend not adding Emoji characters on your community's name and description.
Why does my mouse cursor move to the end of the chat whenever I try to insert an emoji in-between chat messages?
This issue occurs when the Emoji selection panel is clicked while the cursor is in the middle of a chat message. We are doing our best to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend not adding Emoji characters in-between your chat messages.
Why can't I add Emoji characters on my community chat message?
This issue occurs when Emoji characters are copied on a community chat window. We are doing our best to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend using the Emoji selection panel instead of copying Emoji characters from other chat windows.

In-game Overlay

What is an In-game Overlay?
When playing full screen games, we don’t want to keep pressing alt-tab to check messages from our desktop. We also don’t want programs minimizing our game when we want to chat with our friends or have a voice call with them. That’s what the in game overlay helps avoid. That’s why we built the in-game overlay. It’s a minimal interface that you can position anywhere on your game screen and it’ll let you access messages, check who is talking, interact with them, mute them if you wish, and reply all without ever alt-tabbing out of a game. Impressive right?
What are In-game Overlay hotkeys in Razer Comms?
Hotkeys let you do toggle between 2 states- Show or hide the In-game Overlay. While the In-game Overlay is shown, you can toggle the overlay to be clickable or non-clickable. By default, these are the hotkeys:
• Press Ctrl+ Tab to show or hide the In-game Overlay.
• Press Ctrl + Shift to toggle between clickable and non-clickable.
What games does the In-game Overlay support?
The In-Game Overlay supports over 100 games. Go to the Game List tab (the last tab on the Comms Window) and click the Scan button. After a quick search, you should see your games listed on the tab. From there you can double click or click the play button to launch your games.


Does it work on mobile?
Yes! We currently support Android devices and you can get the Comms app here. Comms is also coming very soon to iOS.
Where can I get it in mobile?
You can download our Android app here. The iOS app is coming soon.
What is SMS Forwarding?
No one wants to miss calls and texts during intensive gaming sessions. You can pair your desktop and mobile Comms and automatically forward and reply to incoming text messages or receive call notifications while gaming on your PC.
Why do I get the error “Failed to update profile” when trying to exit the Profile tab?
This issue occurs when the Profile tab is loading and the Profile button is tapped. We are searching for ways to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend using your Android device’s Back button when trying to exit the Profile tab.
The app crashes whenever I try cropping my Comms Avatar, why?
This issue occurs when using Google’s “Photos” app. We are searching for ways to fix this issue but for the meantime, we recommend using other apps to crop your avatar such as Samsung Gallery, Sony’s Photo Editor, and QuickPic Gallery app found at Google Play Store.
Can I connect more than one device at a time with Razer Comms?
You can log in to multiple devices with the same registered Comms id. This is tied to your e-mail and is used to sign in whether you are on your PC or on your Android device.
Do you have an iOS version for Razer Comms?
Yes, it's coming very soon, stay tuned for updates.


I am unable to run Razer Comms on my computer running Windows XP or Vista.
Unfortunately, Razer Comms only supports Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit) at the moment.
Razer Comms is not detecting my game. What should I do?
On the Game List tab of Razer Comms, click “Scan.” If the game is still not detected, click “Add” then browse for the game’s executable file (.exe) and manually select it.
My audio is coming out from my speakers and not from my headset. What should I do?
Under Preferences -->Audio, select your headset or headset’s sound card from the dropdown menu as the “Speaker” device.
Where can I download Razer Comms?
Please visit www.razerzone.com/comms and select “DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS” if you are using a PC or “DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID” if you are using an Android device.
Can I use my Synapse account info to log in?
Yes! You can log into Razer Comms using your Synapse account. If it doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support.
I have comments and suggestions that might be helpful to Razer Comms, how do I contact Razer?
We know you can’t wait to share that amazing idea. We’d love to hear it too. That’s why we have that big red bar called “FEEDBACK ON BETA” on the top of the Razer Comms program. Click it and fire away.
How can I submit bug reports or feature requests for Razer Comms?
If you notice something has gone awry, please click on the “FEEDBACK ON BETA” button that you see on top of the Razer Comms window and send us your feedback. We’re sure to get it and respond as soon as possible. No ravens needed.
Where can I add my profile picture in Razer Comms?
Oh you handsome devil, we’d love for you to show off your profile picture. Click that gear icon on the top-right corner of the Razer Comms window, go to the profile section, and click on the image you see on the left. Browse for your desired picture and click “Open”. We encourage selfies.
Where can I change my nickname on Razer Comms?
Hit the gear icon on the top-right corner of the Razer Comms window, go to profile section and on the right you’ll see something called “Nickname”. Christen yourself the way you please.
How secure is Razer Comms?
It is really secure. Traditional and popular VOIP software programs usually expose your IP which makes you vulnerable to something we have actively tried to work against, DDoS’ing. We don’t show your IP and therefore no nasty IP based attacks are possible. Off the internet, we advise what mama told us, “Prevention is better than cure”.
I downloaded Razer Comms and created an account, but I can’t log in.
Trust but verify is a popular saying. We trust you created your Razer Comms ID using your e-mail address but you need to verify it.  Please activate your account by clicking on the verification link in the e-mail that was sent to your registered e-mail address. You should be able to log in once your e-mail address has been verified. If that doesn’t solve the problem, our support team is on standby. You can reach out to them here: www.razersupport.com/contact-us.
I forgot my password for Razer Comms, how can I reset it?
Please visit https://ec.razerzone.com/requestreset. You’ll need to enter your e-mail address and successfully complete the image verification test. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with instructions to reset your password. Hey don’t worry; it happens to all of us all the time.
After entering my login information, Razer Comms brings up my profile window but does not load otherwise. How can I fix this?
Please be sure to enter a Razer ID when completing your profile, and then click on the X button on the top right of the profile window to save. The main Razer Comms window will load after a Razer ID has been entered.
If you do not see your profile window when Razer Comms opens, please click on the gear icon and navigate to the Profile section to enter a Razer ID.
I am experiencing a driver issue error whenever I launch Razer Comms.
Please restart your computer; if the issue persists please reinstall Razer Comms. Contact Customer Support if this does not resolve the issue.
My AVG Antivirus detects Comms as a threat during download, installation, or when I run Comms. What should I do?
Please be assured that Razer Comms does not contain any malicious software and we are doing our best to correct this issue. In the meantime, we recommend uninstalling and then re-installing Razer Comms on your system. When AVG Antivirus detects Razer Comms as an "Unknown Threat", choose "Allow" so that Razer Comms functions properly on your system.
Razer Comms notified me that the ‘Razer Game Scanner’ service is encountering an error. How do I fix this?
The best way to resolve this issue is to restart the Razer Game Scanner service. Please follow the steps below to restart the service:
1. Close Razer Comms
2. From the desktop, please press Windows Key+R.
3. In the ‘Run’ window that appears, type ‘services.msc’ (without any quotations) into the text box and press enter.
4. A Windows security notification may appear, please click ‘Yes’ to continue to the Services window.
5. In the ‘Services’ window that appears, please locate the ‘Razer Game Scanner’ entry.
6. Right click on ‘Razer Game Scanner’ and left-click on ‘restart’.
7. Relaunch Razer Comms
I’m having some trouble with the League of Legends Scouter tool.
Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you're setup correctly.

1. If the overlay is functioning, then lolscouter will function, ensure that overlay is functioning before continuing troubleshooting. You may need to activate the overlay in Settings>In-Game, and check that League of Legends is in the Comms Games list.
2. Only official RIOT launchers for League of Legends are supported. Lolscouter WILL NOT work with Garena or Tencent clients at this time.
3. Comms must be running on your computer when you launch League of Legends. Upon logging into the League of Legends client you will be prompted to sync your account with a Comms pop-up. Ensure this did not appear behind the League of Legends window.
4. If you decline to sync your account, you will need to clear your account settings in the Comms Settings>Accounts if you would like the prompt to appear on the next log in.
5. Lolscouter only supports Summoner’s Rift for stats at this time, and may have trouble loading stats in matches with bots.

Other Support Resources

You may dispose of Razer Systems and Peripherals at authorised waste collection points.

Please find your nearest authorised waste collection point in here:
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You may also recycle waste electronic equipment free of charge at local municipal collection points.
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