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I am unable to download Razer Comms. Where do I find the download link?
Razer has decided to retire Razer Comms and the program will no longer be available for download.
I have Razer Comms installed. What should I do?
You can uninstall Comms from your PC or Android Mobile device as the service will no longer be available from 1st of June 2017.
What about my friend’s list? Can I migrate them to another services?
No. We would encourage that you sync-up with your contacts to link up via another VoIP service.
When is the last day I can use Comms?
1st of June 2017
Will my Razer ID be valid for other Razer Services?
Yes. Your Razer ID will still be valid to access other Razer Services.

Other Support Resources

You may dispose of Razer Systems and Peripherals at authorised waste collection points.

Please find your nearest authorised waste collection point in here:
Waste Collection provider >

You may also recycle waste electronic equipment free of charge at local municipal collection points.
Razer Systeme- und Peripheriegeräte können an den dafür zugelassenen Abfallsammelstellen entsorgt werden.

Die nächstgelegene Abfallsammelstelle finden Sie hier:
Entsorgungsunternehmen >

Elektronische Altgeräte können ebenfalls kostenlos bei lokalen Sammelstellen in den Gemeinden entsorgt werden.